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Hi I’m Hugues Marie Bello, after graduating from university, I found jobs creating HTML e-learning courses and designing content for digital books. Along the way, I transitioned into project management and user experience. Today, my projects include both understanding the needs of my business client and designing pragmatic responses. My background in user experience has helped me progress gradually into the field of UX research and design, which I consider to be a well-rounded profession.

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The digital landscape is ever-changing and evolving. I work with organisations to help them understand the new ways of doing business in this rapidly developing space. I work

Information design by Hugues Marie Bello

A good digital product needs a solid foundation on which to build interactions and engaging copy, which is where information design comes in. Content

Interaction design by Hugues Marie Bello

I am not a visual designer, but I have an eye for design and am skilled in creating thoughtful and engaging user experiences based on researching outcomes. I have a

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